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to the website of Henry and his Super Heart Force!

Before you will have the opportunity to get to know Henry himself and to read the first chapter of this book, please let me introduce myself to you and give me the chance to explain you my motives of writing about the Super Heart Force (high sensitivity).

My name is Petra Neumann, and I am a German natural health professional and author and I had the pleasure of writing several articles, for professionals as well as for Family-Magazines. Additionally I am a HSP and the mother of two fabulous highly sensitive children.

By chance I “found” the book of Elaine N. Aron or should I better say, her book found me? “The highly sensitive child”. And I was totally impressed. It has been overwhelming, how the words and information revealed more and more the answers and explanations of our character. I am so thankful, that she made it possible – not only for professionals, but also for “normal” families – to recognize and accept, or better to VALUE the strength of high sensitivity. I read her books and a lot more, joined trainings and classes and everything became so clear and logical.

So I tried to find books for my kids (not ABOUT them) in an effort to make them feel understood, too. To let them really find out, that there are a lot of kids like them, not only us, as family.

Henry an his Super Heart ForceWell, unfortunately I didn’t find this kind of books. All the “heros” that I found were loud, strong and outgoing persons. So I decided to write a book for kids. The hero of the stories is “Henry”, an 8 year old boy – a highly sensitive child. He finds out, that HSP is the acronym for “Has Super Power”. The Super Heart Force.

Together with his little sister Johanna, he is going through the typical situations of an all-day-life, but he describes it from the point of view of a hsc. That’s what makes the adventure. Situations like the way to school, the circulating thoughts in his head, when he’s trying to sleep, the trouble of wanting to do everything right and not to hurt the feelings of grandma, when he wants to tell her, that he’s afraid of staying there for a whole weekend.

The book of Henry is experiencing great responses, here in Germany. It is recommended by several therapists, websites and in social media platforms. Mothers are writing me, that they had tears in their eyes, because it felt, like “Henry” is their own child. Kids have sent me e-Mails, telling me, that they took the book to school and presented it to their classes. I am so happy about that, because that’s exactly what I wanted to do. To make the kids feeling understood and to reframe the “weakness” of high sensitivity to a “strength” – a Super Heart Force.

It is an honor for me that the “Superhero Henry” is now available worldwide in an English e-book-Version, so he is able to let a lot more of kids know, that everyone of it is a hero, too. That they are perfect in the way they are, because they are able to make the world a better place.

The „Super Heart Force“ e-book is now available in the Amazon-Stores worldwide (examples see below):

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If you are not sure, if you or your kid are superheroes in the same way, as Henry is (never forget, that everyone is a hero anyway) please refer to the tests of Elaine N. Aron: Click here to visit the website of Elaine N. Aron.

It would be awesome, if you like this special boy and spread the word about him. Please feel free to visit me in Facebook: Facebook-Page of Petra Neumann.

 But now, I proudly give the floor to Henry:

Do you wonder sometimes whether you are quite different from all the other kids?

Are you told every once in a while that you shouldn’t make such a fuss?

Or that you shouldn’t be so touchy?

Does it worry you that you’re occasionally called a scaredy-cat or a crybaby?

And that, in some moments, not even your own family understands you?

All of that sounds familiar?

Then you’re exactly the right kid for my story.

Because I’ve found out what all of this is really about: It’s about a super power!

You don’t believe me?

Then please let me explain it to you!

But first, let me introduce myself:

I am Henry.

The one with the Super Heart Force…

Henry fröhlich_komprimiert

Extract from the book:

Preface & Chapter 1: pdf Link to extract from the book